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Corporate Profile

SBA Communications Corporation is a first choice provider and leading owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure in North, Central and South America. By “Building Better Wireless,” SBA generates revenue from two primary businesses - site leasing and site development services.

In our site leasing business, SBA leases antenna space on our multi-tenant towers to a variety of wireless service providers under long-term lease contracts. SBA owns and operates over 26,000 towers across North, Central and South America. We build our towers at the request of wireless carriers, leveraging our in-house experience in site acquisition, zoning and construction. Our ability to offer carriers a comprehensive portfolio of communication sites is complementary to our tower ownership business. Currently, SBA manages approximately 5,000 communication site locations on behalf of third-party landlords.

Through our site development services, SBA offers wireless service providers assistance in developing their own networks. Our services include site identification and acquisition as well as obtaining zoning approvals and permitting for networks representing all technologies. SBA also provides a broad range of cell site equipment installation, optimization and integration services. Our extensive site development experience includes participation in the development of more than 45,000 communication sites.

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Executive Leadership
Jeffrey Stoops
Jeffrey A. Stoops
President and
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Stoops has been Chief Executive Officer since January 1, 2002. He was appointed President in Ap..

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Kurt Bagwell
Kurt Bagwell
President, International

Mr. Bagwell started with SBA in 2001 and became the Chief Operating Officer a year later. His curre..

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Brendan Cavanagh
Brendan T. Cavanagh
Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Cavanagh has served as our Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer since September 20..

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Mark Ciarfella
Mark Ciarfella
Executive Vice President, Operations

Mr. Ciarfella started with SBA in 2007. He is responsible for the company's tower operations, s..

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Thomas Hunt
Thomas P. Hunt
Executive Vice President,
Chief Administrative Officer
and General Counsel

Mr. Hunt joined SBA in September, 2000. Prior to joining SBA, Mr. Hunt was a partner with Gunster, ..

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Jason Silberstein
Jason Silberstein
Executive Vice President,
Site Leasing

Mr. Silberstein joined the company in December 1993 and is currently responsible for the overall op..

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